Thursday, February 17, 2005


The Gates, and other inspiring things

First, go here:

then, here:

I heard about The Gates on CBC the other morning... fascinated that this is a self-funded project (Cristo and Jeanne Claude make money from selling the preparatory pieces from all of their enormous site-specific installations), and that the day The Gates opened, Central Park saw its biggest day of attendance EVER... in mid-February. Wish I was there, and I'll definitely springboard to more of their other works... (you may have heard primarily of Cristo, but apparently this was because the couple chose to project Jeanne Claude's participation in a lesser station, due to society's standards of the day... long live progress!)

Other, general notes on Blogging (having read other people's blogs, and feeling there was insufficient, uhm, introduction...? ..I wanted to add more of mine): I am using this to change the way I experience the world. Just as, when I have a camera in my hands, I start looking around at everything as if it could be a photo, I am now mentally tagging things as potential blog material:

The experience of running into an old friend at McDonalds... showing the rest of you some of the cool paintings my friend Phil does... linking to the other Christa/Xta I just met through HER blog... ranting about things that I have since mentally edited OUT of my list of bloggables, since I am the type to avoid burning bridges, and I've already gotten an earful today from someone reacting to a fury-of-the-moment phone message I left regarding a work issue... and other things.

But, for the rest of today, I'll do this:

Weather: Warm, sunny, a beautiful February day in Vancouver.

Chai's so far: One. Only had two yesterday.

Water exposure so far: One bath, waterpolo later today. Yesterday: two baths, two swims. I'm such a fish.

Craft project in progress: Knitting a mostly-cotton cardigan for myself, on the smallest needles (4mm) I've ever used for a big project. Anticipating that it will take a while.

Wardrobe: (have you ever looked back on diary entries about your favorite outfit? Makes me giggle, so I'm gonna continue the habit...) Black Mary Jane shoes, dark knee socks, knee length panelled denim skirt (bought on the weekend, LOVE LOVE LOVE it..), purple boat-neck t from American Apparel (dig their philosophy, but not their photos), and the straps of my bright red bra are peeking out at the neckline. Oh, and one of my beads, because it is weird to tell people I make beads, but have nothing to show them.

Oh, and my sister has started her own blog, as soon as I told her about mine. Check her out, and leave her a note to encourage the habit


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