Friday, February 18, 2005


First Formal Featured Friend is the site for the day... Phil is someone that I grew up with in Williams Lake, but since he's a few years younger than me, the only hanging out we did was playing Hide N Seek in the bathrooms at church with the lights turned off, after the service on some Sundays. And THEN... a couple Christmas vacations ago, we ran into each other at the traditional Christmas Eve Service With Family Once A Year thing, and he bummed a ride back to Vancouver with me.. and during the seven-hour trip, we discovered that we had a ton in common: taste in music, love of Poetry Slams, a similar outlook on the journey of life.. and now sometimes we hang. Sometimes he also pretends to be hosting a big "get together with a bunch of people to make crafts" but it always winds up being just me... which sometimes seems sketchy, but I'm bigger than he is, so it is all okay.

Weather: Again, warm and sunny.. makes me long for May, when I get to swim outside and play lizard in the sun.

Chai's so far: One. Only had ONE yesterday, gasp!

Water exposure so far: One bath, lunch-break in the pool in a few minutes. Polo yesterday was fun, except for people getting cranky at some of the calls I made as a referree.. but hey, I'm learning!

Craft project in progress: four more rows on the cardigan... have been going into the yarn store in the mornings, to sit and knit (won't do that if I go to Chapters instead, so I'm choosing wisely...) and listen to all the gossip.

Wardrobe: Work uniform: Navy synthetic-something cargo shorts, navy polyfleece vest with name and position embroidered on.. frivolous (sp?) tropical print bikini top underneath, and fanny pack with the ever-handy gun holster in the back... kinda counters the pocket mask and other First Aid equipment, hey? OOh! Check out for some nifty photos of gunshot wounds in their image gallerey! Warning: not for the queasy. You know who you are.Posted by Hello

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