Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Day 1 - Oh Momentous February 16, 2005

For the last week, people have been sending me links to various blogs. Or, I have been hitting various blogs through searches for knitting patterns. OR, chat groups I belong to have featured other members' new blogs... in short, I was inundated with 'em, and I wanted to get in on all the fun.

After all, as I said to my friend Paul:
"... obviously, more people need to be exposed to my thoughts every day."

But seriously, folks, thanks for checking in. I'll try to keep it amusing.


Paul says:
Blogging is so overrated.
But, I feel so special being the first one mentioned in your blog, and all. ;)
Well, *someone* had to be first! Chiquita, I have faith - this will be a site for lovely irridescent thought bubbles, full of delightful aromas, wafting about to happy, dancing tunes. When *I* have a blog, on the other hand, I picture more of a morning-after-the-night-before mess on the carpet...
ps - "broadzilla" was already taken. Hi, Paul!
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